Mind Over Matter

How hard is it to get your ass moving?

Posted by charliehustle2011 on March 11, 2011

A friend and I have started walking early mornings. Neither of us are exercise nuts.

Getting our asses moving first thing in the morning to walk 3 miles, 3-4 days a week, is just part of an ongoing effort to be healthy.

I’m not a healthy lifestyle expert, and enjoy eating apple pie & ice cream as much as anybody.

I must watch what I eat and exercise, or I’ll get fat, and suffer for it like so many other people.

We maximize the walk time by bouncing business ideas off each other, talking politics, etc.

In contrast, I work with a person who recently complained bitterly that the surgeon won’t replace her knees until she loses 100 pounds.

Her perspective is that her knees hurt too much to walk, so she is unable to exercise and lose the required weight.

I suggested that she ride an exercise bike, which was not what she wanted to hear, but….

The concept seems amazingly simple to me:
Slim: Burn more Calories than you Consume.
Fat: Consume more Calories than you Burn.

It’s a no-brainer, in my opinion.


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