Mind Over Matter

Spend some time reading liberal blogs

Posted by charliehustle2011 on March 21, 2011

I said earlier that I frequently read and comment on several liberal blogs.

As a conservative, my goal, even agenda, is first to understand perspectives that differ from my own, while also taking the opportunity to share points I think are worthy of consideration.

I can sum up my experience on these sites as both interesting and amusing.

Today, I read a post titled, As Food Prices Skyrocket, House Committee Calls For Cutting Food Stamps Instead Of Agriculture Subsidies, which touted the predictable perspective that conservatives are hurting the people who are most in need of help.

As interesting as you’ll find reading the above blog post, and others , make sure that you read the comments, including the exchanges between people.

Visit wearing you alligator skin, and enjoy the ride!


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