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Stop Calling Conservatives Racist

Posted by charliehustle2011 on March 16, 2011

I frequently read with mild amusement liberal blogs, and some remind me of my college experience at an ultra liberal university.

I read a post earlier this morning, titled Before Your Very Eyes, on Church of the Bad News, which is a quintessential example.

The author, Holloway, provided a historical perspective, and supported it with statements, such as, “This history is vital, because our current political realities rest upon the foundations of these racist evolutions. Nixon’s Southern Strategy, and the GOP’s subsequent corollaries (of which the Tea Party is just the latest gimmick), are built upon the toxic ground of American racism. ”

I’m not denying our national history, nor that elements of racism still exist. However, we’ve all witnessed the great strides forward, including our first African American President.

It appears that some liberals are convinced, and want to remind others of their overt bias that conservatives are wealthy, and completely racist.

I commented on the post about my fatigue as a fiscal conservative when reading these type of rants. Frankly, it’s too broad, way over the top, and makes me want to ignore their perspectives. If/when we become so polarized that we completely stop considering other points of view, it’ll be too late.

If I can find credible evidence of any society in history that successfully taxed and spent itself into into a utopia, I’ll change my tune.

We have a good thing going, though a long way from perfect.


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