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Spend some time reading liberal blogs

Posted by charliehustle2011 on March 21, 2011

I said earlier that I frequently read and comment on several liberal blogs.

As a conservative, my goal, even agenda, is first to understand perspectives that differ from my own, while also taking the opportunity to share points I think are worthy of consideration.

I can sum up my experience on these sites as both interesting and amusing.

Today, I read a post titled, As Food Prices Skyrocket, House Committee Calls For Cutting Food Stamps Instead Of Agriculture Subsidies, which touted the predictable perspective that conservatives are hurting the people who are most in need of help.

As interesting as you’ll find reading the above blog post, and others , make sure that you read the comments, including the exchanges between people.

Visit wearing you alligator skin, and enjoy the ride!


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Stop Calling Conservatives Racist

Posted by charliehustle2011 on March 16, 2011

I frequently read with mild amusement liberal blogs, and some remind me of my college experience at an ultra liberal university.

I read a post earlier this morning, titled Before Your Very Eyes, on Church of the Bad News, which is a quintessential example.

The author, Holloway, provided a historical perspective, and supported it with statements, such as, “This history is vital, because our current political realities rest upon the foundations of these racist evolutions. Nixon’s Southern Strategy, and the GOP’s subsequent corollaries (of which the Tea Party is just the latest gimmick), are built upon the toxic ground of American racism. ”

I’m not denying our national history, nor that elements of racism still exist. However, we’ve all witnessed the great strides forward, including our first African American President.

It appears that some liberals are convinced, and want to remind others of their overt bias that conservatives are wealthy, and completely racist.

I commented on the post about my fatigue as a fiscal conservative when reading these type of rants. Frankly, it’s too broad, way over the top, and makes me want to ignore their perspectives. If/when we become so polarized that we completely stop considering other points of view, it’ll be too late.

If I can find credible evidence of any society in history that successfully taxed and spent itself into into a utopia, I’ll change my tune.

We have a good thing going, though a long way from perfect.

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Labor Union: The Socialistic Culture was not for Me

Posted by charliehustle2011 on March 15, 2011

I pursued and was hired into a union position as a young adult, but eventually left upon reaching the painful conclusion that the culture was not for me.

My disillusionment started early when immersed into the soul crushing social construct where seniority is valued far above every other attribute a person brings to the job.

In the competitive market system, the union was astonishingly socialistic. Every aspect of the construct was clearly spelled out; even suffocating.

At the beginning of my second week, I made the almost fatal error of arriving thirty minutes early, with the goal to get a jump on my day. I was young, ambitious, and competitive, and wanted to demonstrate my dedication. Big mistake.

My supervisor warned me in writing, later the same morning, that I was prohibited from working any extra time outside of the contractual provisions. The letter included a bargaining agreement page, which clearly highlighted the designated work hours

I was a little cocky when I confronted my supervisor about the letter. She informed me that she had no choice; my “violation” was reported by another union member.

The cold shoulder I received from peers was a more clear indication that my “go getter” attitude ruffled some feathers. There was zero tolerance for my attitude. I was expected to toe-the-line like everyone else. No exceptions.

In retrospect, I should have immediately walked away; run and never looked back.

I barely kept my job during an economic layoff, but witnessed some great people get sent packing only because they lacked enough seniority. Management didn’t have the choice to pick and choose the best human assets to keep.

The union was a powerful political machine, which used member dues to support liberal political candidates.

It astonished me the amounts of money expended to defeat conservative candidates who advocated for lower taxes to encourage growth, and job creation. It was overt class-warfare propaganda, with the staunch position that conservatives only represented the rich, while liberals looked out for the working class.

Union officials loudly cried foul about the declining number of family-wage jobs, while supporting liberal candidates who advocated tax and spend policies, which were counter productive to economic growth.

I cannot predict if union power will increase, decline, of stay the same in American society, nor if a power shift would be better, or worse in the long-term. Time will tell.

I do know that my experience as a union member was very negative, and don’t regret leaving the socialistic culture for other gainful employment opportunities.

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Who’s the Fool?

Posted by charliehustle2011 on March 11, 2011

Today, I suck it up and make the monthly mortgage payments on my house, which I cannot sell for close to the the 2007 purchase price.

I put 20% down on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, and though under water, continue meeting my financial obligation because I borrowed the money in good faith, while people I know, who can also afford to cover their monthly nut, are choosing to walk away.

“It’s a business decision”, I’m told by friends, and co-workers; good people I respect, genuinely like, and would even trust to babysit my kids. “The U.S. Government pissed away our tax money bailing out the banks. Let them eat the loss.”

I think they make a valid point. We’re all pissed at the situation; caught in an ugly moral dilemma.

Am I the fool for thinking that I borrowed the money, so I should pay it back? Am I throwing away good money on an investment that may not recover? Are we on an inevitable slide toward becoming a third world joke?

I could stop paying, and stuff cash in a coffee can, wait until evicted, then rent a bigger, nicer house down the street, with a big deck and fancy hot tub, for less money than my current mortgage payment.

The savings could help cover increased fuel and grocery prices.

The direction things are moving is spooky, and I wonder if I’m the fool who’s watching what’s happening with eyes wide open, but ignoring the bigger picture.


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