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Governor Walker v. the Wisconsin Public Employee Unions

Posted by charliehustle2011 on March 12, 2011

I read an interesting post today, titled Friday Fragments on, Confessions of a Community College Dean, regarding Governor Walker’s leadership.

I found the blogger’s argument reasonably balanced enough to acknowledge the challenges and frustrations of working within a system that continues to employ poor performers. However, I disagree with his position that, “Governor Walker, in Wisconsin, is managing to get absolutely everything wrong.”

My perception is that while this looks bad in the short term, it’s a good start. The next thing that needs to go is teacher tenure, and couple it with adding incentive compensation to entice the best possible talent into the education profession.

It will be interesting to see if the great unwashed, who perpetually complain about a failing public education system have the personal and collective fortitude to support leaders like Walker, who are actually living up to their campaign promises.


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